About Us

Raising Appreciation and Enthusiasm

Initiated and founded by the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, a consortium of eight universities started the German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education in summer 2011.

The Centre operates a web portal for professional development and exchange in mathematics education. It offers:

  • Information material and training courses of varying length, in particular for teacher educators. The courses can be booked either by the participants themselves or by school administrations for their faculty.
  • A wiki (Madipedia) containing important scientific contacts in the area of mathematics education in Germany as well as a network of partners in ministries of education and school administration.
  • Events that promote the exchange about new developments in teacher education.
  • The opportunity to create networks between colleagues.

Our Mission

Both, the universities and all other partners involved in the German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education have a common mission: To accompany mathematics teachers during their whole career. The continuous professional development (CPD) courses are following a competence framework and design guidelines according to the latest research results in teacher education.

Also, comparable concepts for the support and to secure early education in mathematics are developed. These concepts result in CPD courses for kindergarten and elementary educators.

Federal state laws regulates education in general, as well as teacher education in Germany. This autonomy results in a heterogeneity in the systems of further qualification of teachers and educators. The differences between federal states are challenging for us, but we also consider them to be a chance: The great variety of successful formats and rich content in continuous professional development courses can be bundled by the German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education. Thus we can draw on the experience of the partners in teaching and research, in didactics of mathematics and in pedagogy.

More information about our activities (in German) is available at our Fields of Action.