Fields of Action

Activities of DZLM

The German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM) is operating in the German federal states in cooperation with partners in these states. Its activities are in line with a coherent concept for mathematics education from kindergarten and elementary education to upper secondary level that includes diagnosis and advancement of students’ learning processes in mathematics. The theoretical framework (in German language) constitutes the foundation of its activities and builds upon theory and is evidence based. A competence model and design guidelines have been derived from this and serve as a basis for the actual continuous professional development courses. All activities are monitored for quality with a systematic evaluation through transparent criteria.

The activities of the German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education can be structured in four main strands:

Certified Qualification Measures

  • Creation of a nation-wide master course for teacher educators
  • Subject-specific and didactical qualification of teacher educators particularly for professional development
  • Further qualification of out-of-field teachers
  • Qualification events and courses for teachers and elementary educators

Networking and Information

  • Networking on a national and international scale through conferences, institutional cooperation and the creation of regional branches
  • Cooperation between educational and government institutions or ministries from different German federal states
  • Creation of a web portal offering information, material for professional development and interactive teaching environments
  • Inclusion of further education offerings from other people, projects or institutions through integration or linking

Research in Teacher Education and Professionalization

  • Evaluation of activities of the German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education and of other agencies
  • Research in the effectivity of professional development courses and publication of the results on an international level
  • Research based design of the quality framework (theoretical basis, design guidelines and competence framework)
  • Initiation and financial support of professional learning communities (PLC) for peer coaching and competence development

Development of Material and Concepts

  • Development of material used by teacher educators in CPD courses
  • Development of material used by teachers and elementary educators for self-teaching
  • Development of information material, videos and fliers
  • Joint development of concepts with teacher education institutes and ministries in the German federal states.